Taking Sharp Images as a Female Wedding Photographer With These Tips

female wedding photographerAs a female wedding photographer, it can be quite challenging to take sharp images. If someone ever told you that it was impossible because of the gear you have at hand, I have different news for you. It is possible to take sharp pictures and you can do that consistently.

So many photographers struggle with this same problem of taking sharp photos and really it can be frustrating. I was in those shoes a while ago, I remember coming back from shoots with so much gusto only to find out that my memory card was filled with blurry images. I could almost swear that I needed a new camera and lens. Later on, I realized it was more about the photographer than the camera when it comes to taking sharp pictures.

Here’s the good news for you as a female wedding photographer, there is hope. Allow me to share a few tricks on how you can get sharp images in the next few paragraphs.

Using a fast enough shutter speed

Every camera has an internal sensor that gets exposed to light when the shutter button is pressed. This process is how an image is captured and the amount of time the sensor is exposed is known as shutter speed. It can be shorter or longer in different cameras depending on the settings. What you didn’t know is that the longer your shutter stays open, the more blurry the resulting picture will become. To capture an image in a sliver of a second and freeze it in time, you need a faster shutter speed. To achieve this, go to your camera settings to increase the shutter settings or select “action setting” option. So even if your subject is moving or your hands aren’t so steady, you still have clear, sharp images.

Pull your elbows in

What happens when you can’t adjust your shutter speed and you need sharper images? When the light is low for instance, your camera tries to balance this out by keeping the shutter open for longer. So your hands have to be steady else the picture will end up being blurry. Here’s what you should do. Instead of taking the picture with your hands out, pull in your elbows, it helps to keep your arms steady.

Rest against the ground or wall for more stability

You might notice that even after pulling your elbows in the camera still shakes. You need a more drastic measure. This is what I advise, rest your body against a solid landscape feature, either the floor or ground. Just pick a position that is most comfortable and take your shots.

Using a tripod

As much as you try to eliminate camera shake naturally, there is a tendency it will happen once in a while. A tripod is one way to completely eliminate camera shake. There are a few disadvantages, however. You might not be able to take certain angles plus you will spend a lot of time trying to set up for a new composition. Another disadvantage is that they are quite expensive and cheaper ones hardly give you the best results.

A shorter lens

The final solution I’d suggest in this article is using a shorter lens. Usually, a long lens is more difficult to keep steady. So when shooting, especially in dimmer lights, use your portrait or wide angle lenses, they will help you stay steady. For more helpful advice, check our JoanneB Photography

I am sure that this must have helped you as a female wedding photographer. Now that you have learned how to take sharp images, share your experiences in the comment section.

Is Two Better Than One When Hiring a North Wales Wedding Photographer?

North Wales wedding photographerHow often do weddings occur in the life of the average individual? The answer is not so often. For humans, it is expected that they get married at least once. Seeing as a wedding is the event that is used to celebrate the beginning of a marriage, then this event is going to happen at least once.

The wedding ceremony is different from the average birthday that occurs annually. The wedding is one whereby once it has happened, it has happened. The only things you after are wedding anniversaries but these are not accompanied by the same pomp and pageantry like the actual wedding.

With the special nature of weddings, it goes without saying that the presence of a North Wales wedding photographer will be needed. The photographer will be in charge of covering the events of the day. He or she has to see to capturing the images of the day to ensure that the couple has wedding memories to fall back on. However, there is often a debate on the number of photographers to get on the day of the wedding.

Is one enough? Now, if you are in this dilemma, this is the best article for you. When contemplating the number of photographers to hire, it is important to consider the following:

Size of the wedding

The size of the wedding has an important role to play in deciding the number of photographers you ought to have on the ground on that day. If it is a small intimate wedding with less than 200 guests, then having just one North Wales wedding photographer is enough. The photographer will be able to cover the events of the day efficient without one escaping their focus. However, if you are going above 200, then the photographer definitely has their work cut out for them especially if the wedding couple wants in-depth coverage.


Another thing that plays an important part in whether you opt for one or two wedding photographers is the budget you have in place. If you estimate that you might be needing the services of two photographers, then you need to ensure your budget realistically reflects it. You cannot expect to hire the services of two photographers for the price of one. That is simply setting yourself up for disappointment.


Different styles of photography exist and it is highly possible that you find yourself catching a fancy to two of these different styles. However, certain photographers make certain styles their focus and as a result, eating your cake and at the same time having it with one photographer is not possible. In turn, this means you need to find an alternative and this is where the prospect of hiring two or more photographers comes in. If you want different styles at play when covering your wedding moments, then you need to hire the photographers that can achieve that. Each photographer can focus on delivering photographs in the style that they know best.

For more information on the North Wales wedding photographer visit Maurice Roberts.

Tips for Working With Shy Clients as a Photographer Surrey

photographer SurreyAs a photographer Surrey, it is part of your job to meet with different types of clients on daily basis. Some of them would be open to you and be as friendly as they could be, while some others will be very shy to communicate their ideas to you, or even have a communication with you in the first place. The same goes in front of your camera; some clients would be confident enough to strike poses in front of it, while some others would barely even do any pose and need multiple directions before finally getting to the right one, let alone managing their own facial expression.

This type of clients is where all the challenges are. As a professional, you need to direct your client to a pose for getting the best shot out of him. It’s easy if the client himself already has his own preferred pose to go in front of the camera. Unfortunately, there are also clients who are not comfortable having their photos being taken. How to deal with this type of clients?

There are indeed a number of tips that you could follow to get through a photoshoot session with a shy client. Some of those tips are discussed in this article. Those are:

  • Building a relationship with the client

It’s normal. People would be more open and show their true self with people they know well. This is the key to turn your shy client into someone who is willing to express himself in front of your camera. You don’t need to go to her house every weekend to do so, just be open about yourself and she’ll be open to you. Tell her stories about yourself that she has not known yet. This will create a strong bond between you and her.

  • Communicating about your expectations, and your client’s, upfront

This is a great way to set up your expectations before starting the photoshoot session. This will make your client be more willing to pose in front of your camera because he knows that it is what is required to meet the pre-determined expectations. To assist with the attainment of those expectations, you could share your portfolio as a photographer Surrey to her, clothing suggestions, and any role model that she could look up to. All those things would help her determining the expectations to set.

  • Directly asking the client about the thing that could make her more comfortable

Sometimes directly asking your client is the best way to get her more comfortable being in front of your camera. You could pose yourself for her to see what you expect her to do. This is also a great bonding moment where you could express yourself and she gets to see the real you. This could boost her confidence and convenience for posing in front of camera.

Those three are the best tips for any photographer Surrey to deal with shy clients. You could go to Mr. Shutterbug Photography for more tips on dealing with your clients, or even book a photoshoot session yourself.

4 Must-Know About Event Photography

event photographyThe technical issues that one can face in event photography can really be taxing. During what you love is not as simple as coming to your clients with a camera and say that you are confident about what you do. So, here are 4 tips that will make sure nothing can go wrong with your event photography.

  1. Your gears

Most professional photographers who are switching to event photography has their own gears, but if you haven’t, here’s what you should get. It’s important to first recognize where you will most often shoot at. Events are often done under low-light situations, the worst possible condition for a photographer. So, the first step is to get a camera body capable to handle the low-light situation well.

Then, you will need SD cards that are prepared to store hundreds of RAW files that can sum up to 40 or 50 MB each. Prepare at least 2 empty large capacity SD cards for every event.

For lenses, you generally need one of each zoom and prime type lens. Zoom lenses are great for ongoing parties where your subject is always at different distances. Prime lenses are great for taking high-quality pictures, but it has a fixed focus that cannot change. The level of focus that you want can differ from others depending on your style and how comfortable you work with them.

  1. Tell clients what your service entails

It’s very important that your clients fully understand what an event photography session from you means to them. It doesn’t mean that they can abuse your service for a full day when you were only paid for a 10-hour session. It also means that they respect how you work without patronizing you about it so long as you remain respectful to them.

It also means that you know what they want from you as well. From the very beginning, ensure that you know what your clients want by asking them questions regarding their needs and preferences. Getting clear answers from these questions to avoid misunderstandings and misplaced expectations.

  1. Provide a contract

It’s terribly important that your clients fully understand and legally agree with the deal before they pay. Signing that contract means that they cannot dispute for things that they have given consent on the contract. It will protect you from getting sued unfairly when you chose to leave the event with 30-minute overtime, for example.

The contract will keep both parties protected and safe about the photography deal.

  1. Arrive early and prepare

Arriving early to an event gives you the chance to take pictures before the event starts. For wedding photography, for examples, this means neatly, arranged table set up for brides and grooms. You also find it easier to capture pictures of decorations and small details without too many people on the background.

Arriving early gives you time to go through everything one last time with your client. You also need to set up your equipment before the party starts. Being punctual is unsurprisingly on top of everyone’s list when deciding if their photographer is professional.

And that’s our fourth must-know tip for event photography at SmartPicsUK.com Event Photography professional level. We hope you can nail down all those shots and surprise your clients with incredible pictures!

Why Wedding Photographers Kent Need to Know the Cost of Doing Business

wedding photographers KentWell, if it’s to be put in a short explanation, it’s because starting a wedding photography business isn’t cheap. Wedding photographers Kent have to be very professional and know a lot of not just about photography, but also how to interact, communicate, manage their sites, clients, photographers, etc.

Let’s break it down.

The equipment

You don’t start with just a decent camera and maybe one or two lenses. It will not work for you, although it might work when you only work as a studio portrait photographer. But in wedding photography, you are expected to always be prepared, always have everything needed to bring your clients’ dreams come true.

That’s not all. You also need to rent a space to open up a studio of your own. Assuming that you have worked as a photographer before, it’s safe to consider that you already have the basic software. You also might have the space to work and consult your clients with already. But if you don’t, these are things to add to the budget allocation.

Huge workload

When you work as other types of photographers, you often deal with only a couple of pictures and at most, a few hundred. With wedding photography, however, you are dealing with 500, 800 or ever 1,000 pictures at once. That is after you chose 1,000 out of the 3,000 pictures you took that day. Then, you have to enhance them, filter some and select a couple of the best shots to be included in the album.

Wedding photographers Kent don’t always have a job every other week because of their workload. At times when it’s reaching ‘wedding season’, photographers have to really make wise decisions regarding how much they can handle.

From freelancing to steady

You don’t always get steady workflow all the time and especially for those who are just starting out, wedding photography is not always the best way to start. That is because your first job is probably still half a year away and you have to promote yourself with your minimum number of portfolios throughout that time.

You can liken this to freelancing, but one with a lot of investment to make.

Hiring more photographers

When you turn this into a business with a steady inflow of customers, you might see that it’s time to hire more photographers. Calculate the cost of hiring more photographers, but do more than just this. Ensure that your studio provides the quality it promises, not just hiring any amateurs in a camera who can take or two decent shots with it.

Have proper financial planning!

Many freelancers start out without a clear picture of what their financing looks like. Because freelancing can really seem random! It’s important to have a steady income, at least yearly. For example, how much do you intend to make for your first year? Divide that to the cost of your wedding photography and you get how many jobs you should take (and when not to!).

By understanding your cost of starting a wedding photography business, it helps prevent you from making rash decisions. And soon enough, you can join professional ranks of wedding photographers Kent like https://www.pennyyoungphotography.com/.

What Every Edinburgh Photographer Needs to Learn

Edinburgh photographerIs there a difference between a great Edinburgh photographer and a great photograph? The answer is yes! There is. Anyone can shoot a great image even though it might not be deliberate. Most times that great image might be a fluke and not necessarily as a result of skill. But, a great photographer is one that is constantly able to repeat the feat of capturing a great image. So, your answer is consistency.

Being able to constantly take great images is what a good photographer does. Now the question is how do you go about achieving this consistency? Do you constantly click your camera at a subject or object hoping the shot comes out right? No! It all comes down to knowing your fundamentals. The make of any good photographer is their ability to understand the basics and utilize it for their own benefit.

The photographer tries to know the inner workings of these things so that when the need arises for this image, it becomes useful for a great output. If you have that drive to be the best photographer there is, then you have to start from somewhere. Learn the following:

  • Understand Your Camera

Knowing the inner workings of your camera is very important for any photographer. You cannot go about the business of photography if you fail to understand your primary tool. You can fake a lot of things in photography and anyone can shoot an image, but being able to take a great image boils down to your understanding of how your tool works.

What are the things you need to know about your camera? Well, for one, there is the shutter speed. Do you know the number of seconds it takes for your shutter to reset and prepare to take another image? How good is your ISO? Are you sure the current ISO works best with the current shoot you are working on? Do you know your camera features (focus, white balance, stabilization modes etc.)?

All the above mentioned things are not difficult to understand once you take the time out to know them. When venturing into photography, the first thing you ought to learn is the workings of your camera. After that, you can dive into the world of an Edinburgh photographer.

  • Mastery of Light

Many a times, one single factor has led to the undoing of several images. That factor is lighting. Lighting comes in different forms but it is grouped into two which is artificial and natural lighting. The most preferable form is definitely natural light., However, it is not one that can easily be manipulated. You need to be a skilled photographer to effectively utilize it.

Basically, every photographer is a slave to light. If it smiles at you, then you can be guaranteed a good image but if it frowns, then you have your work cut out for you. But, this takes extra time and dedication to learn. Lighting is not something you grasp easily. You learn through constant practice.

For more information on the Edinburgh photographer, visit Mark Quinn Photography.

4 Things a Wedding Photographer Adelaide Should Avoid

wedding photographer AdelaideWedding photography is a branch of photography that is unique in and of itself. It is a job that will only be hired by clients only once for their lifetime. Because of that, unless you provide photography services in other areas, you won’t be seeing retention. This is why it can be hard for a wedding photographer Adelaide to get a constructed review or criticism because clients themselves can’t make any comparison.

Yet, there might have been things that you shouldn’t have done and your client didn’t find a good opportunity to tell you about it. Avoiding these things in the future might actually increase your chance of being recommended by your clients!

Looking too casual

When you are attending a wedding party, the correct action is to dress like you are attending one. At the very least, you should never wear shorts, jerseys or anything that is way too casual for a formal party like this one. Wear comfortable, formal clothing that won’t unnecessarily distract other guests during the party.

Additionally, you also don’t need to overdress for the occasion because it still distracts others. You might also feel less comfortable to move around in it.

Not being on time

This is a fatal mistake in many photographers because when it comes to such an important event, your client will expect you to treat it the same way. Which means, you are expected to arrive at the very least on time and ideally earlier. A wedding photographer Adelaide will also benefit from doing this as a lot of preparations will take place. If problems should arise, you have enough time to troubleshoot it.

Make sure to check what you have written on the contract and follow suit. Your clients will expect no less about it when it comes to their wedding.

Not signing a contract

Wedding photography services often cost thousands of dollars and as much as we all want to avoid it, problems can happen. A contract should define what your services entail and how much your client is paying for it. It also includes details on schedules, printing, copyrights, and consequences at the breach of contract. This protects both sides in the case that someone cannot fulfill their side of the contract, or should something unfortunate happens.

No matter how much you trust your clients or how it sometimes feels awkward to get your client sign on the contract, never skip this step. Always get a contract to avoid misunderstanding and encourage your clients to read them thoroughly.

Getting too technical

Your clients hired you as part of their team in organizing a wedding party, but that doesn’t mean they can be your buddy in sharing about photography. They entrust the job to you mainly because they can’t get it done themselves.

It is also not professional for a wedding photographer Adelaide like Panache Weddings to share their technical problems. They bring unnecessary worries to clients and while you might have solved it without an issue, your clients will still have the worries burdening them.

Remember, you can be a wedding photographer that stands out from anyone else. Just avoid doing these 4 things to your client and you’ll be good..

What Every Wedding Photographer Essex Should Know About the Wedding Industry

wedding photographer EssexHave you just recently decided to expand your career into wedding photography? Or maybe this is your first time to work as a photographer? Whichever it is, we know that these are essential things that every wedding photographer Essex should know before they tread the area. Because if not, you’re in for a lot of surprises and hectic schedules!

They can span up to two years!

People can actually hire you up to years in advance because it’s a big project for you and an important date for them. It’s best for every couple to make sure a photographer is booked for their day before they run out of choices. So, if this is your first time working as a photographer, you will find yourself not having a lot of work in the beginning.

Although once you get into it, you will sometimes wish you have breaks in between!

You are contributing to a really special day

People take pictures for many occasions from birthdays to their baby’s sixth-month celebration. But the wedding is one moment they don’t want to screw up really bad because it’s an important day where they announce the big change that is happening in their life. Add that to the fact that they invest thousands of dollars in preparing the wedding party and a lot of people will be attending it.

Your clients will never expect less than perfect from their wedding photographer Essex because it is not something that will ever happen again. They will only the pictures you took to remember by.

You need a lot of back-ups

Because of the importance of every single wedding photography job you take, no backup is too much. You need a backup reliable DSLR camera in case your main doesn’t work with spare batteries so you can keep taking pictures without hindrance. Don’t forget to always bring extra memory cards because the last thing you want to happen is to find out that you ran out of space.

And on top of that all, you need a backup of yourself: what if you’re suddenly bedridden and can’t go to take pictures for your clients? Establish a good relationship with fellow photographers and join the community to help each other out when needed. These people can also become great mentors and inspiration from time to time.

Up to 1,000 pictures at a time!

Some clients really consider their wedding as a really important moment to remember and can’t really settle with only 200 pictures. They will ask you to work for the whole day which means you will go home with thousands of pictures at a time. This means you will spend hours just to select good shots, not to mention editing every single one of them.


Professional wedding photographers always make sure their camera gears are insured because they are an investment worth thousands of dollars. And they will happily state it in their site like www.justin-bailey.co.uk because they want their clients to know they are serious about their job. Aside from that, they really can’t risk losing their means of earning and securing their own job. You pay about $200 every month and you can be insured up to $1 million dollars every year, isn’t that a good trade-off?

Professional Wedding Photographer Kent vs Amateur Photographer

wedding photographer KentThe amount of care and detail put into planning a wedding by a couple should not be underestimated. Tireless hours and a lot of funds are put into ensuring the day goes off without a hitch. Even with that, the wedding couple understands that if care is not taken, their wedding memories can easily be lost with the sands of time. Due to this, most couples ensure that someone is on ground to help capture the wedding memories.

Why are wedding memories special? Well, it is he fact that weddings are not your daily or annual event like birthdays. Weddings come around at least once in the lifetime of most individuals. Once it is done, that is that! You only have a limited time span to actual revel in the day, but for future reminiscing or purposes, the presence of a wedding photographer Kent is important.

But, even with the fact that the presence of a wedding photographer is important in ensuring the moments are recorded, it can be costly. Most couples shy away at the cost attributed to hiring the services of a photographer. As a result of that, they look for the next best thing which happens to be a family member or friend aptly tagged the amateur photographer.

For them, having the pictures professionally done is not a must, but having the pictures is all that matters. If you consider how precious the memories of a wedding day are, then hiring the services of an amateur should not even be considered. Read below:


Does the amateur wedding photographer have the type of experience that makes you confident in their ability to deliver noteworthy pictures? If you are being honest, then the clear answer is no. Most amateur photographers are only hired in a bid for the wedding couple involved to save on cost of hiring a professional wedding photographer.

Therefore, the assurance that the professional wedding photographer Kent is likely to offer a couple cannot be gotten from the amateur. Most times, the amateur is often someone like a close friend or family who is temporarily assigned with the task for just that day.


Going by the fact that the amateur is not someone who has a career built on photography, it can be expected that the extra measures a professional takes to ensure he or she can perform their responsibilities without any hitch would be overlooked. Every professional understands the importance of planning and having a backup at hand to prevent any unwanted situations but, the same cannot be said for the amateur. The amateur is only going to be concerned with the here and now. That is, he or she just needs equipment for that wedding.

The fact that an unprecedented situation like camera failure or overloaded memory drive could come to play is not something that is considered. So, if one of these things were to happen, this does not leave the amateur in a good position to carry on with his or her responsibilities.

For more information on the wedding photographer Kent, visit, Penny Young Photography.

Magical Moments Captured With Natural Wedding Photography

Air-gasping moments. Tear-jerking second. Photographers have it all covered.

natural wedding photographyIt has always been a challenge to choose a photographer who would document your special day. But as couples became more precise with what kind of memories they wanted to keep on their wedding day, photographers had created an extensive playing field where they can showcase their skills and talents. However, note that traditional wedding photography is still very much appreciated by people but it is constantly transcending or giving way for more candid forms of photography.

As traditional wedding photography became a thing in the past, natural wedding photography had open its doors to a more intimate and profound depiction of couples as they celebrate their oneness in marriage.

Capturing the uncatchable

The couple, together with their families and friends, begin to get more involved in the festivity as the celebration progress. Excitement fills the room as they share this unforgettable day. Everyone becomes unaware on how illustrative and symbolic each second of this specific moment is as they get more invested in the event as well. wedding photography captures all of these. The groom’s indescribable happiness as he sees her bride. A mother’s tear as she sees her daughter walk the same aisle. A father’s tight embrace as she let’s go of her daughter for her husband. That first look you had on your now husband’s sweet eyes. A moment that lasted for a second but touched our hearts for a lifetime.

Unchartered angles

A photo of the couple while they exchange their vows or the complete entourage in the garden has always been a good way to remember a wedding. But natural wedding photography allows you to relive the moment by capturing unstaged acts during a wedding. A ring in your finger as your husband promise a lifetime with you. A pat on the back as mixed emotions rushed through your whole system. The wind touching your gentle face knowing that this moment will change your life. We are all accustomed by traditional photos but these unchartered angles will, indeed, melt your hearts as you remember how extraordinary that day was.

Unconventional beauty

Ditching elaborative backdrops, artificial lights and props can be very risky. But with a handful of exceptional photographers, free yourself from these worries. Products of wedding photography are embellished by truthful emotions, expressive reactions and candid responses from your loved ones. At times, beauty is mistakenly parallel to extravagance and ornateness. But to some, true beauty is expressed to the unembellished truth that the moment made you feel. It is always nice to look back on how magical that moment was with the one you promised forever, not because of how intricate your wedding gown was, or how enormous the cake was, but you are blissful to wear your white gown because you are celebrating pure love and sharing these sweet moments with your families and friends who supported you all the way.

And this is seeing unconventional beauty as it happens right before your eyes. http://wwwpreciousredphotography.co.uk provides natural wedding photography services that could help you and your partner build the perfect wedding you are both dreaming of.