4 Things a Wedding Photographer Adelaide Should Avoid

wedding photographer AdelaideWedding photography is a branch of photography that is unique in and of itself. It is a job that will only be hired by clients only once for their lifetime. Because of that, unless you provide photography services in other areas, you won’t be seeing retention. This is why it can be hard for a wedding photographer Adelaide to get a constructed review or criticism because clients themselves can’t make any comparison.

Yet, there might have been things that you shouldn’t have done and your client didn’t find a good opportunity to tell you about it. Avoiding these things in the future might actually increase your chance of being recommended by your clients!

Looking too casual

When you are attending a wedding party, the correct action is to dress like you are attending one. At the very least, you should never wear shorts, jerseys or anything that is way too casual for a formal party like this one. Wear comfortable, formal clothing that won’t unnecessarily distract other guests during the party.

Additionally, you also don’t need to overdress for the occasion because it still distracts others. You might also feel less comfortable to move around in it.

Not being on time

This is a fatal mistake in many photographers because when it comes to such an important event, your client will expect you to treat it the same way. Which means, you are expected to arrive at the very least on time and ideally earlier. A wedding photographer Adelaide will also benefit from doing this as a lot of preparations will take place. If problems should arise, you have enough time to troubleshoot it.

Make sure to check what you have written on the contract and follow suit. Your clients will expect no less about it when it comes to their wedding.

Not signing a contract

Wedding photography services often cost thousands of dollars and as much as we all want to avoid it, problems can happen. A contract should define what your services entail and how much your client is paying for it. It also includes details on schedules, printing, copyrights, and consequences at the breach of contract. This protects both sides in the case that someone cannot fulfill their side of the contract, or should something unfortunate happens.

No matter how much you trust your clients or how it sometimes feels awkward to get your client sign on the contract, never skip this step. Always get a contract to avoid misunderstanding and encourage your clients to read them thoroughly.

Getting too technical

Your clients hired you as part of their team in organizing a wedding party, but that doesn’t mean they can be your buddy in sharing about photography. They entrust the job to you mainly because they can’t get it done themselves.

It is also not professional for a wedding photographer Adelaide like Panache Weddings to share their technical problems. They bring unnecessary worries to clients and while you might have solved it without an issue, your clients will still have the worries burdening them.

Remember, you can be a wedding photographer that stands out from anyone else. Just avoid doing these 4 things to your client and you’ll be good..