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Tips for Hiring a Documentary Wedding Photographer

documentary wedding photographerGetting married is an easy road to take. You will have a lot of planning to do, and one of the most important decisions you have to make is who to hire as your documentary wedding photographer. This is definitely a decision that you cannot regret. You can afford to make a mistake in choosing your wine, or your cake flavor, but never make a mistake of hiring a wedding photographer. Your wedding will happen only once, and there will be no repeat just to get the right pictures by the best wedding photographer.

Ask for referrals

Always ask for referrals from people you know who have recently walked down the aisle. Or ask from your vendors for the best wedding photographer that their clients have worked with. Word of mouth is certainly the finest way to find the wedding photographer who will meet your needs. When you get the names of the referrals, narrow the list into three and proceed from there.

Find out if they do documentary photography

Since you prefer documentary photography, make sure that your list of three is photographers who are experts in the type of wedding photography that you want. You will only be wasting your time if you do not cross out your list and retain names that do not specialize in documentary photography. The documentary wedding photographer whom you will choose needs to be the best in their chosen field of photography.

Research their profile

Have the time to sit on your desk and research the profiles of the choices you have. Read their profile and check out their customer’s reviews. Find out everything you can about them, and never settle for one piece of information only or one source. Widen your search, and make sure to know the important details about their wedding photography creativity and style, and figure out if it works for you.

Check their portfolio

Ask to see their portfolio. This method will give you a glimpse of what they can do as wedding photographers. But be careful in portfolios that contain selective wedding photos from various wedding. Pay attention to a portfolio that has complete wedding photos from start to finish for one or two clients. A complete portfolio will give you a feel of how they capture and document weddings in its entirety.

Talk to their former clients

Never skip this very important step. The client reviews in the internet may sound amazing, but they could be doctored. Talk to their former clients, and hear what they have to say. Ask the wedding photographers for referrals, but also research for their other clients in the web.

Gauge their professionalism and friendliness

The documentary wedding photographer whom you will hire for your wedding must have impeccable track record of professionalism. You can find one in and you will never regret your choice. To have created rapport and built a bond of genuine friendship with your wedding photographer is the ultimate key to producing exceptional documentary wedding photos that conveys true emotions on the day that you committed yourself to the one person whom you will love for the rest of your life.

How to Do Natural Wedding Photography

natural wedding photographyMany couples these days don’t just search for a photographer that does, say, fine art photography. They want a really good photographer who is also good at doing natural wedding photography. Nothing too fancy, too luxurious and made up. Just their lovely wedding pictures showing all the love and happiness of the day that they wish to remember for the rest of their lives.

Is it hard for one to provide a professional natural wedding photography? Let’s see how you can do it.

1.   Information

To be able to know when to capture something and what is the best moment to do means you need a really good preparation with it. It’s really important that instead of improvising and doing things unexpectedly, discuss it with your clients on things like what will happen, how they planned their weddings, so on and so forth.

The more you know, the less surprising things are and the easier you will know where to go and who to take pictures of. They look natural because you are already on your spot ready to take the picture when it happens.

2.   Fly-on-the-wall

Try to not intrude or interrupt anyone or anything at the party. Let everything flows and people to enjoy their party. This is a very suitable approach that won’t make anyone feel pressured or awkward around a camera. Awkwardness is something that is extremely displeasing in natural wedding photography. You might need to practice on this from time to time. Get helpful ideas on natural wedding photography from Boho Chic Weddings.

3.   Soft and natural lighting

You want to capture some really natural wedding pictures, so aim to make use of the natural lighting you can get. It’s best to do this when it’s sunny because there will be a lot of sunlight. If not, that’s fine, make sure that your lighting equipment does not burn the pictures, but instead, softly illuminates your couple. Keep this in mind when you edit the pictures.

Shooting outdoor is also preferred because you don’t have to use too much lighting this way and the sun will softly shine on the skin of the bride. Use reflectors to cover the shadow that appears.

4.   Get close with your clients

It’s important that your clients are people who love your company. To make sure of this, whenever you meet them, you talk with them, spend time and get to know the people who believe in your skills. You also need to invest your time by attending their wedding rehearsal which allows you to meet and understand what they feel. You also get to know their family members.

The more both sides know about each other, the easier it will be for you guys to make build a relationship that will really help you when you work on the wedding day. People will be less awkward to you and the results will look more natural for you.

5. Not so formal

This is a very formal occasion, but the most important thing to remember in this event is that you shouldn’t be too stuck up with your plan. Let the day flow naturally and capture their pictures as they walk through the garden, have a chat on the stone wall or just staring at each other in love. This is natural wedding photography!

How to Question Your Photographer Surrey

photographer SurreyTo some couples, it is easy to spare some time to do a little Google and narrow down their choices of wedding photographer Surrey to hire. They know that it is an important time to actually spare any time you have to make sure you don’t regret your wedding party. But comes another challenge after it.

You need to meet each of them to be sure of your choice of photographer Surrey. You cannot just agree with the terms and price that is stated on the site; they are often not the same if the photographer forgot to update them! The changes could be recent or the photographer might not be the person you saw on the site!

Who will be your official wedding photographer?

You saw that professional figure on the site and then a group picture of probably the team that works with the studio. Now, the most important, big question here is who is your photographer? As much as possible, you want to be able to talk to that person directly, not through someone else, even if that person is the owner of the studio!

You also want to make sure on the number of photographers that will work with you and what they are going to do actually. You don’t have to worry about this, because it’s your rights to know what their job is and make sure you are paying for what’s worth it.

Experience and qualifications

Start with asking for their past works and qualifications they’ve earned. Make sure to not turn the conversation into a formal interview session that makes everyone tense. Keep it casual, just like how friends would usually ask each other about life in general. It’s true that it depends on the photographer as well!

For example, a professional photographer Surrey from told us it was so important to make it a very positive and fun experience to meet the photographer. Even if you are probably offering a bit higher than others, your clients are actually happier with you! And if you are happy with your photographer, it’s easier for you to sound your opinions and requests!

Logistics and extra fee

Depending on the distance the photographer has to go through to reach the venue, if it’s quite far, you may have to pay extra for it. So, make sure of this when you meet your photographer along with other necessary fees to pay. The package itself already includes several things, but clarify with the photographer again that everything in that package is already inclusive.

Ask as well on how much more you need to pay if you have to ask the photographer to stay longer than what’s stated on the contract.


Make sure to find the photographer who shows the style that made you hooked up with the studio. That’s the photographer that you want. But don’t end it there as you also need to know the actual skill of the photographer by asking him to show you more of his previous works, not just the best 2 or 3. Because you will not just get the best 2 or 3, but hundreds of pictures for your photographer Surrey.

Top 3 Most Important Steps in Finding a Professional Gay Wedding Photographer

gay wedding photographerWe know that the task of finding a gay wedding photographer often end up as a hit or miss. Especially if you don’t have recommendations from reliable sources. Fortunately, that’s exactly what we’re trying to do: we want to become that reliable source for you to learn in seeking for the right person for the job.

You need something to rely on when you analyze and compare photographers, so here you go. The three things that are absolutely vital in finding a professional photographer.

Easy to Communicate with

Would you love to work with someone who barely replies you with more than 4-5 words? How about someone who doesn’t seem to let you talk and all you did was listening? Your wedding photographer has to be someone with whom you have no problem expressing yourself with. Communication is vital to ensure that both of you know what to do and what the other party wants.

A photographer like that wouldn’t talk too much but they listen a lot and reply with convincing answers. They also explain whenever it’s needed and doesn’t try to coax you to deal with him right then and there. They take their sweet time and so do you, to make the right decision of hiring the right person who is up to the task.

Solid proof to convince you

Words can be deceiving and that’s probably what most disappointed married couples advise to those who are still looking. Some photographers are surely good with telling you how good they are and assure you they’ve got it. Do they really get it?

The gay wedding photographer you should be looking should at least be able to show it like this: Paul didn’t just craft beautiful words but proved his capability by showing portfolios and past works. He also posts ratings and reviews of his clients who were satisfied with his works.

Your photographer wouldn’t have problems with showing even more proof if that’s what you need. Frankly, we need you to do so because portfolios are their best works, but personal requests will lead you to more average results of their capabilities.

Honest policy

This can be hard to prove on every photographer, but all those promises they made could only be trusted the moment you actually benefit from them. So, before signing the contract, you make sure to have discussed everything and reached a mutual agreement. Read the contract, check the content and make sure it’s as what has been agreed.

Signing the contract would mean both the photographer and you will do according to what is stated there. On your wedding day, if your wedding photographer failed to fulfill what is stated there, you have all your rights to demand what you should get. For example, if you a different person on the job, you don’t accept that, but ask as what’s stated on the contract.

That is also why it’s better that you can hire a professional individual gay wedding photographer. That is a better way to ensure that all responsibilities are held by the same person you discussed in length with.

Learning the Steps of a Gay Wedding Photographer

gay wedding photographerWhat does it take to become a gay wedding photographer? And when we want to answer this question, we are not just talking about becoming just another photographer, but a professional. We want to help you become a photographer who is known by people to be someone who does his job well. We want it to be a career that will bring you far on the road.

However, the first steps are often the most important and that’s how it is with wedding photography as well. What can you do to ensure that you are doing the right thing for your career?

Get experiences

The first important step to take is to think about how you can get experience in wedding photography. It is important to think about where you can get your first experience of capturing wedding pictures. It could be by working as a photographer for free at a close friend’s or a relative’s wedding. They might still hire a professional, but don’t feel afraid! Take this chance to learn from the expert directly!

While you work for the first time, you might be confused with what to do. But basically, you need to get your camera, make sure it’s working and charged, and get going there. We’ll talk more about how to get ready for your first time after this!

Getting familiar with the place

On your first job, you need to make sure that you know the place you will be working at. It’s like getting to know the geographic condition of a battlefield; it’ll give you the upper hand when you need to move around. In this case, you will want to take some pose pictures and if you know the best place first, it’ll be easier to capture some good pictures.

A professional gay wedding photographer like will make sure to do his best in taking every picture by making sure to visit the places before. Why? It helps them get used to the place and tell them how to prepare their equipment in the site.

Ensure equipment condition

Remember that whether it’s your first paid job or simply a volunteer position, make checking your equipment a habit. You must remember that while the show is going on, you don’t have any chance to make the party wait for you to get ready. You have to be prepared all the time; your camera’s battery must be charged, your memory card must be enough, etc.

Making sure of your photography equipment condition is a habit that you need to established. There are several occasions where photographers looked down on this and finally loses some important moments from it. It is truly a shame to happen if it’s your first job!

Love the job

While there might still be more things to learn about, we want you to remember to always love what you do. If you cannot at least enjoy what you are working on, you will not be able to give your best, nor can you become a professional gay wedding photographer. Before you dive into the career, working with a professional or volunteering is the best way to explore if you like the job.