How to Do Natural Wedding Photography

natural wedding photographyMany couples these days don’t just search for a photographer that does, say, fine art photography. They want a really good photographer who is also good at doing natural wedding photography. Nothing too fancy, too luxurious and made up. Just their lovely wedding pictures showing all the love and happiness of the day that they wish to remember for the rest of their lives.

Is it hard for one to provide a professional natural wedding photography? Let’s see how you can do it.

1.   Information

To be able to know when to capture something and what is the best moment to do means you need a really good preparation with it. It’s really important that instead of improvising and doing things unexpectedly, discuss it with your clients on things like what will happen, how they planned their weddings, so on and so forth.

The more you know, the less surprising things are and the easier you will know where to go and who to take pictures of. They look natural because you are already on your spot ready to take the picture when it happens.

2.   Fly-on-the-wall

Try to not intrude or interrupt anyone or anything at the party. Let everything flows and people to enjoy their party. This is a very suitable approach that won’t make anyone feel pressured or awkward around a camera. Awkwardness is something that is extremely displeasing in natural wedding photography. You might need to practice on this from time to time. Get helpful ideas on natural wedding photography from Boho Chic Weddings.

3.   Soft and natural lighting

You want to capture some really natural wedding pictures, so aim to make use of the natural lighting you can get. It’s best to do this when it’s sunny because there will be a lot of sunlight. If not, that’s fine, make sure that your lighting equipment does not burn the pictures, but instead, softly illuminates your couple. Keep this in mind when you edit the pictures.

Shooting outdoor is also preferred because you don’t have to use too much lighting this way and the sun will softly shine on the skin of the bride. Use reflectors to cover the shadow that appears.

4.   Get close with your clients

It’s important that your clients are people who love your company. To make sure of this, whenever you meet them, you talk with them, spend time and get to know the people who believe in your skills. You also need to invest your time by attending their wedding rehearsal which allows you to meet and understand what they feel. You also get to know their family members.

The more both sides know about each other, the easier it will be for you guys to make build a relationship that will really help you when you work on the wedding day. People will be less awkward to you and the results will look more natural for you.

5. Not so formal

This is a very formal occasion, but the most important thing to remember in this event is that you shouldn’t be too stuck up with your plan. Let the day flow naturally and capture their pictures as they walk through the garden, have a chat on the stone wall or just staring at each other in love. This is natural wedding photography!