Is Two Better Than One When Hiring a North Wales Wedding Photographer?

North Wales wedding photographerHow often do weddings occur in the life of the average individual? The answer is not so often. For humans, it is expected that they get married at least once. Seeing as a wedding is the event that is used to celebrate the beginning of a marriage, then this event is going to happen at least once.

The wedding ceremony is different from the average birthday that occurs annually. The wedding is one whereby once it has happened, it has happened. The only things you after are wedding anniversaries but these are not accompanied by the same pomp and pageantry like the actual wedding.

With the special nature of weddings, it goes without saying that the presence of a North Wales wedding photographer will be needed. The photographer will be in charge of covering the events of the day. He or she has to see to capturing the images of the day to ensure that the couple has wedding memories to fall back on. However, there is often a debate on the number of photographers to get on the day of the wedding.

Is one enough? Now, if you are in this dilemma, this is the best article for you. When contemplating the number of photographers to hire, it is important to consider the following:

Size of the wedding

The size of the wedding has an important role to play in deciding the number of photographers you ought to have on the ground on that day. If it is a small intimate wedding with less than 200 guests, then having just one North Wales wedding photographer is enough. The photographer will be able to cover the events of the day efficient without one escaping their focus. However, if you are going above 200, then the photographer definitely has their work cut out for them especially if the wedding couple wants in-depth coverage.


Another thing that plays an important part in whether you opt for one or two wedding photographers is the budget you have in place. If you estimate that you might be needing the services of two photographers, then you need to ensure your budget realistically reflects it. You cannot expect to hire the services of two photographers for the price of one. That is simply setting yourself up for disappointment.


Different styles of photography exist and it is highly possible that you find yourself catching a fancy to two of these different styles. However, certain photographers make certain styles their focus and as a result, eating your cake and at the same time having it with one photographer is not possible. In turn, this means you need to find an alternative and this is where the prospect of hiring two or more photographers comes in. If you want different styles at play when covering your wedding moments, then you need to hire the photographers that can achieve that. Each photographer can focus on delivering photographs in the style that they know best.

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