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Things a Wedding Photographer Should Not Do In Wedding Photography Yorkshire

wedding photography HerfordshireMost professions have a code of conduct that guides the operations of its professionals. They can be ethics wise or professionalism applicable. Regardless of the type that exists, it goes beyond without reasoning that wedding photography Hertfordshire is also bound to have its own. Before we go into the nitty gritty of what the rules governing photography are, let us take a wider look at what a code of conduct is.

Code of Conduct

A code of conduct is basically a standard of behavior or the framework guiding the actions or interactions of individuals within certain situations or professions. That is why you have some professions host a ceremony where individuals looking to practice are made to swear under oath to uphold the required rules. Such professions include law and medicine among others.

Now that a better understanding of what a code of conduct is has been gained, we are going to apply this to what a wedding photographer should and should not be doing as they practice this profession. Some of the do’s’ are:

  • Never turn up late

You owe it to your client to be as punctual as possible. A time was certainly agreed upon for wedding photography Hertfordshire and going by the fact that your services are being paid for, all your actions including timely arrival at the place of the wedding should give heed to this fact. Being punctual to the venue not only gives a good impression of you to the client but also gives you enough time to get yourself prepared for the picture taking. Arriving late not only shortens your preparation time, it gives you little to no time to settle down and adjust your mood for the job you are about to embark on. It also leaves a bad impression on the client.

  • Never be ambiguous

The reason why photographers are encouraged to always type up a contract to be signed and upheld by both the photographer and the client is to prevent issues of ambiguity. All dealings with the client should be turn under clear terms without any room for misinterpretation or misunderstandings. Also, if there is a possibility that the work to be carried out would need a restructuring of the previously agreed upon terms, then make sure you inform the client and ensure they are okay with it before making any changes.

  • Stick to your word

There is a saying that your word is your bond and one you are bonded by your word; your honor is also at stake. Never say things you know are not realistic or attainable. Also, never make promises you cannot keep as this will be digging a grave for yourself that you cannot come out of. Making false promises is one of the fastest ways to ruin your reputation in the world of photography as clients will take it to mean you are dishonorable.

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