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3 Must Haves When Starting Calgary Newborn Photography

newborn photography CalgaryNoticed that you have an uncanny talent when it comes to capturing images of your little ones, nephews, nieces or kids of your friends? Then why not be innovative about it. If you have a talent for it, with a little bit of coaching and professional courses, you can refine your skills and create a business out of it.

For newborn photography Calgary, there are certain items you need to have to make the process of picture taking easier for you. These things are essential and considered to be the “absolute must-haves” of every newborn photographer.

They are:

  • A Camera

Of course, that is the number one thing on the list. Have you ever heard of a photographer without a camera? The professional DSLR camera is what you need to take those amazing shots. You do not have to go all out and splurge on the expensive ones.

There are different types of cameras with different price tags on them. If you look carefully, you are bound to come across one between the mid budget range to the high-end ones. As you begin to draw in more business and get successful with your photography, then you can decide to move for a much better camera.

  • Insurance and Contract

Never ever slack on getting general business insurance and equipment insurance. Tools for the photography trade do not come cheap. You do not want a scenario where your source of income gets stolen or damaged and you have no cover to help protect you from the loss. As soon as you decide to venture into the business of photography, apart from deciding on a business name or printing name cards, get an insurance company to protect you against losses.

Another vital item most people tend to overlook is the issue of a contract. Sure, you might start out as a Calgary newborn photography by taking the pictures of the newborn of friends so, it does not come to mind that you need a contract to protect both you and your friend. However, as soon as you notice that the scope of your service extends beyond your intimate circle of friends, it is time to bring out the big guns.

A contract that states out the responsibilities of both parties as well as the agreement for the photography shoot can come in handy when there is a difficult situation being faced. Your client does not want your watermark on the pictures? Make sure it is included in the contract. Pay a certain amount if a certain issue occurs? Include it in the contract. Never go by word of mouth alone as it might not hold up in a court of law.

  • Props

Did we say props? Yes, props you need a lot of them. The prop helps in adding a more fun element to the pictures. You cannot expect to just keeping taking pictures of the little one in the nude right. Therefore, your best bet is to have other things you can use to give your Calgary newborn photography images the pizzazz they need. Just take a look at dulcebabyphotography.com for hints.