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How to Question Your Photographer Surrey

photographer SurreyTo some couples, it is easy to spare some time to do a little Google and narrow down their choices of wedding photographer Surrey to hire. They know that it is an important time to actually spare any time you have to make sure you don’t regret your wedding party. But comes another challenge after it.

You need to meet each of them to be sure of your choice of photographer Surrey. You cannot just agree with the terms and price that is stated on the site; they are often not the same if the photographer forgot to update them! The changes could be recent or the photographer might not be the person you saw on the site!

Who will be your official wedding photographer?

You saw that professional figure on the site and then a group picture of probably the team that works with the studio. Now, the most important, big question here is who is your photographer? As much as possible, you want to be able to talk to that person directly, not through someone else, even if that person is the owner of the studio!

You also want to make sure on the number of photographers that will work with you and what they are going to do actually. You don’t have to worry about this, because it’s your rights to know what their job is and make sure you are paying for what’s worth it.

Experience and qualifications

Start with asking for their past works and qualifications they’ve earned. Make sure to not turn the conversation into a formal interview session that makes everyone tense. Keep it casual, just like how friends would usually ask each other about life in general. It’s true that it depends on the photographer as well!

For example, a professional photographer Surrey from http://www.mrshutterbugphotography.com told us it was so important to make it a very positive and fun experience to meet the photographer. Even if you are probably offering a bit higher than others, your clients are actually happier with you! And if you are happy with your photographer, it’s easier for you to sound your opinions and requests!

Logistics and extra fee

Depending on the distance the photographer has to go through to reach the venue, if it’s quite far, you may have to pay extra for it. So, make sure of this when you meet your photographer along with other necessary fees to pay. The package itself already includes several things, but clarify with the photographer again that everything in that package is already inclusive.

Ask as well on how much more you need to pay if you have to ask the photographer to stay longer than what’s stated on the contract.


Make sure to find the photographer who shows the style that made you hooked up with the studio. That’s the photographer that you want. But don’t end it there as you also need to know the actual skill of the photographer by asking him to show you more of his previous works, not just the best 2 or 3. Because you will not just get the best 2 or 3, but hundreds of pictures for your photographer Surrey.