Taking Sharp Images as a Female Wedding Photographer With These Tips

female wedding photographerAs a female wedding photographer, it can be quite challenging to take sharp images. If someone ever told you that it was impossible because of the gear you have at hand, I have different news for you. It is possible to take sharp pictures and you can do that consistently.

So many photographers struggle with this same problem of taking sharp photos and really it can be frustrating. I was in those shoes a while ago, I remember coming back from shoots with so much gusto only to find out that my memory card was filled with blurry images. I could almost swear that I needed a new camera and lens. Later on, I realized it was more about the photographer than the camera when it comes to taking sharp pictures.

Here’s the good news for you as a female wedding photographer, there is hope. Allow me to share a few tricks on how you can get sharp images in the next few paragraphs.

Using a fast enough shutter speed

Every camera has an internal sensor that gets exposed to light when the shutter button is pressed. This process is how an image is captured and the amount of time the sensor is exposed is known as shutter speed. It can be shorter or longer in different cameras depending on the settings. What you didn’t know is that the longer your shutter stays open, the more blurry the resulting picture will become. To capture an image in a sliver of a second and freeze it in time, you need a faster shutter speed. To achieve this, go to your camera settings to increase the shutter settings or select “action setting” option. So even if your subject is moving or your hands aren’t so steady, you still have clear, sharp images.

Pull your elbows in

What happens when you can’t adjust your shutter speed and you need sharper images? When the light is low for instance, your camera tries to balance this out by keeping the shutter open for longer. So your hands have to be steady else the picture will end up being blurry. Here’s what you should do. Instead of taking the picture with your hands out, pull in your elbows, it helps to keep your arms steady.

Rest against the ground or wall for more stability

You might notice that even after pulling your elbows in the camera still shakes. You need a more drastic measure. This is what I advise, rest your body against a solid landscape feature, either the floor or ground. Just pick a position that is most comfortable and take your shots.

Using a tripod

As much as you try to eliminate camera shake naturally, there is a tendency it will happen once in a while. A tripod is one way to completely eliminate camera shake. There are a few disadvantages, however. You might not be able to take certain angles plus you will spend a lot of time trying to set up for a new composition. Another disadvantage is that they are quite expensive and cheaper ones hardly give you the best results.

A shorter lens

The final solution I’d suggest in this article is using a shorter lens. Usually, a long lens is more difficult to keep steady. So when shooting, especially in dimmer lights, use your portrait or wide angle lenses, they will help you stay steady. For more helpful advice, check our JoanneB Photography

I am sure that this must have helped you as a female wedding photographer. Now that you have learned how to take sharp images, share your experiences in the comment section.