Tips for Working With Shy Clients as a Photographer Surrey

photographer SurreyAs a photographer Surrey, it is part of your job to meet with different types of clients on daily basis. Some of them would be open to you and be as friendly as they could be, while some others will be very shy to communicate their ideas to you, or even have a communication with you in the first place. The same goes in front of your camera; some clients would be confident enough to strike poses in front of it, while some others would barely even do any pose and need multiple directions before finally getting to the right one, let alone managing their own facial expression.

This type of clients is where all the challenges are. As a professional, you need to direct your client to a pose for getting the best shot out of him. It’s easy if the client himself already has his own preferred pose to go in front of the camera. Unfortunately, there are also clients who are not comfortable having their photos being taken. How to deal with this type of clients?

There are indeed a number of tips that you could follow to get through a photoshoot session with a shy client. Some of those tips are discussed in this article. Those are:

  • Building a relationship with the client

It’s normal. People would be more open and show their true self with people they know well. This is the key to turn your shy client into someone who is willing to express himself in front of your camera. You don’t need to go to her house every weekend to do so, just be open about yourself and she’ll be open to you. Tell her stories about yourself that she has not known yet. This will create a strong bond between you and her.

  • Communicating about your expectations, and your client’s, upfront

This is a great way to set up your expectations before starting the photoshoot session. This will make your client be more willing to pose in front of your camera because he knows that it is what is required to meet the pre-determined expectations. To assist with the attainment of those expectations, you could share your portfolio as a photographer Surrey to her, clothing suggestions, and any role model that she could look up to. All those things would help her determining the expectations to set.

  • Directly asking the client about the thing that could make her more comfortable

Sometimes directly asking your client is the best way to get her more comfortable being in front of your camera. You could pose yourself for her to see what you expect her to do. This is also a great bonding moment where you could express yourself and she gets to see the real you. This could boost her confidence and convenience for posing in front of camera.

Those three are the best tips for any photographer Surrey to deal with shy clients. You could go to Mr. Shutterbug Photography for more tips on dealing with your clients, or even book a photoshoot session yourself.