What Every Edinburgh Photographer Needs to Learn

Edinburgh photographerIs there a difference between a great Edinburgh photographer and a great photograph? The answer is yes! There is. Anyone can shoot a great image even though it might not be deliberate. Most times that great image might be a fluke and not necessarily as a result of skill. But, a great photographer is one that is constantly able to repeat the feat of capturing a great image. So, your answer is consistency.

Being able to constantly take great images is what a good photographer does. Now the question is how do you go about achieving this consistency? Do you constantly click your camera at a subject or object hoping the shot comes out right? No! It all comes down to knowing your fundamentals. The make of any good photographer is their ability to understand the basics and utilize it for their own benefit.

The photographer tries to know the inner workings of these things so that when the need arises for this image, it becomes useful for a great output. If you have that drive to be the best photographer there is, then you have to start from somewhere. Learn the following:

  • Understand Your Camera

Knowing the inner workings of your camera is very important for any photographer. You cannot go about the business of photography if you fail to understand your primary tool. You can fake a lot of things in photography and anyone can shoot an image, but being able to take a great image boils down to your understanding of how your tool works.

What are the things you need to know about your camera? Well, for one, there is the shutter speed. Do you know the number of seconds it takes for your shutter to reset and prepare to take another image? How good is your ISO? Are you sure the current ISO works best with the current shoot you are working on? Do you know your camera features (focus, white balance, stabilization modes etc.)?

All the above mentioned things are not difficult to understand once you take the time out to know them. When venturing into photography, the first thing you ought to learn is the workings of your camera. After that, you can dive into the world of an Edinburgh photographer.

  • Mastery of Light

Many a times, one single factor has led to the undoing of several images. That factor is lighting. Lighting comes in different forms but it is grouped into two which is artificial and natural lighting. The most preferable form is definitely natural light., However, it is not one that can easily be manipulated. You need to be a skilled photographer to effectively utilize it.

Basically, every photographer is a slave to light. If it smiles at you, then you can be guaranteed a good image but if it frowns, then you have your work cut out for you. But, this takes extra time and dedication to learn. Lighting is not something you grasp easily. You learn through constant practice.

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