What Every Wedding Photographer Essex Should Know About the Wedding Industry

wedding photographer EssexHave you just recently decided to expand your career into wedding photography? Or maybe this is your first time to work as a photographer? Whichever it is, we know that these are essential things that every wedding photographer Essex should know before they tread the area. Because if not, you’re in for a lot of surprises and hectic schedules!

They can span up to two years!

People can actually hire you up to years in advance because it’s a big project for you and an important date for them. It’s best for every couple to make sure a photographer is booked for their day before they run out of choices. So, if this is your first time working as a photographer, you will find yourself not having a lot of work in the beginning.

Although once you get into it, you will sometimes wish you have breaks in between!

You are contributing to a really special day

People take pictures for many occasions from birthdays to their baby’s sixth-month celebration. But the wedding is one moment they don’t want to screw up really bad because it’s an important day where they announce the big change that is happening in their life. Add that to the fact that they invest thousands of dollars in preparing the wedding party and a lot of people will be attending it.

Your clients will never expect less than perfect from their wedding photographer Essex because it is not something that will ever happen again. They will only the pictures you took to remember by.

You need a lot of back-ups

Because of the importance of every single wedding photography job you take, no backup is too much. You need a backup reliable DSLR camera in case your main doesn’t work with spare batteries so you can keep taking pictures without hindrance. Don’t forget to always bring extra memory cards because the last thing you want to happen is to find out that you ran out of space.

And on top of that all, you need a backup of yourself: what if you’re suddenly bedridden and can’t go to take pictures for your clients? Establish a good relationship with fellow photographers and join the community to help each other out when needed. These people can also become great mentors and inspiration from time to time.

Up to 1,000 pictures at a time!

Some clients really consider their wedding as a really important moment to remember and can’t really settle with only 200 pictures. They will ask you to work for the whole day which means you will go home with thousands of pictures at a time. This means you will spend hours just to select good shots, not to mention editing every single one of them.


Professional wedding photographers always make sure their camera gears are insured because they are an investment worth thousands of dollars. And they will happily state it in their site like www.justin-bailey.co.uk because they want their clients to know they are serious about their job. Aside from that, they really can’t risk losing their means of earning and securing their own job. You pay about $200 every month and you can be insured up to $1 million dollars every year, isn’t that a good trade-off?